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When it comes to buying a house the process is simple; you visit an estate agent, view a couple of properties and before you know it you’re exchanging keys, right? Wrong. The way we buy and sell houses in changing all the time and property auctions are becoming more and more popular by the year.
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Buying at Auction: The Legal Implications of Buying at Auction, How to Avoid Forgeries,...
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Case Studies: I Was Scammed Buying Tickets on Ebay: Case Study, I Made a Fortune...
Online Auctions
Online Auctions: What to do if an Auction goes Wrong, Can You Trust an Estate Agent?,...
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Selling at Auction: Choosing Which Type of Auction to Sell At, Auction House Commissions,...
Types of Auction
Types of Auction: The History of Auctions, Unusual Property Auctions, How Do Reverse...
Latest Comments
  • Geof
    Re: Auction House Commissions
    I think you need to update your information on buyers premiums too - I don't know an auction house that charges as little as 10%…
    11 October 2016
  • Geof
    Re: Auction House Commissions
    It is simply not true to say that paying a buyers premium was 'historically,... the way auctions have operated in this country' There…
    11 October 2016
  • brian
    Re: Auction House Commissions
    Bunch of thieves. Guy comes round house to value contents and discuss house clearance. Fafs about saying this and that will sell but…
    6 October 2016
  • Annoyed
    Re: Auction House Commissions
    The information on this site is factually incorrect. It states that buyers and sellers both pay premiums and that 'historically,…
    11 July 2016
  • cole22631
    Re: Consumer Law and Auction Goods
    I bought a mattress at auction - it was described as 135 x 190 Hanbury Superb - When it was delivered it was 150 x 200 Hanbury…
    15 March 2016
  • gaz
    Re: Consumer Law and Auction Goods
    I bought an item described as a body solid chin up exercise station only to find after that it was only a half of the machine or…
    28 January 2016
  • ExploreAuctions
    Re: Consumer Law and Auction Goods
    topcat - Your Question:If I bid on an item on a popular auction site, and I am the only one that has bidded and win with payment…
    27 January 2016
  • topcat
    Re: Consumer Law and Auction Goods
    If i bid on an item on a popular auction site, and i am the only one that has bidded and win with payment made straight away,…
    27 January 2016
  • Tex
    Re: Selling Collectibles
    I have a collection of Royal Doulton character jugs for sale ,some rare,which auction house or outlet would be best?
    12 October 2015
  • lizzie
    Re: Auction House Commissions
    I had 10 collectable items taken by Gerrards saleroom from my home in May, gave a list of prices paid or lower required - all at a…
    7 August 2015
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