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When it comes to buying a house the process is simple; you visit an estate agent, view a couple of properties and before you know it you’re exchanging keys, right? Wrong. The way we buy and sell houses in changing all the time and property auctions are becoming more and more popular by the year.
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Buying at Auction
Buying at Auction: The Legal Implications of Buying at Auction, How to Avoid Forgeries,...
Case Studies
Case Studies: I Was Scammed Buying Tickets on Ebay: Case Study, I Made a Fortune...
Online Auctions
Online Auctions: What to do if an Auction goes Wrong, Can You Trust an Estate Agent?,...
Selling at Auction
Selling at Auction: Choosing Which Type of Auction to Sell At, Auction House Commissions,...
Types of Auction
Types of Auction: The History of Auctions, Unusual Property Auctions, How Do Reverse...
Latest Comments
  • MParr
    Re: Consumer Law and Auction Goods
    @Michael - If there is a problem with the goods at auction, usually you have to take action against the owner of the goods, not…
    25 May 2017
  • Michael
    Re: Consumer Law and Auction Goods
    I bought a ring at Auction described in the catalogue as an Aquamarine for almost £300. When I sent it to a Gem Testing…
    20 May 2017
  • JaRoBr
    Re: Auction House Commissions
    I recently bought at auction and was charged a whopping 24% commission plus VAT. Is this unusually high?
    25 April 2017
  • Darcy
    Re: Consumer Law and Auction Goods
    I took part in a local auction house online auction not live but set out almost like ebay (my 1st step to setting up a ebay…
    15 April 2017
  • PPotter
    Re: Auction House Commissions
    Why do you all moan. go and sell at a boot sale and see if you get top price for your wears. you know before you sell so stop…
    17 March 2017
  • Chris
    Re: Tips For Buying Property at Auction
    I attended a property auction and on the screen at the auction was lot 116, the house I planned to buy. The previous lot…
    14 March 2017
  • lastlegs
    Re: How to Avoid Forgeries, Fakes and Fraud at Auction
    How can you find out the identity of who put an item up for auction? If I hire a solicitor, will the…
    13 March 2017
  • Doolo64
    Re: Consumer Law and Auction Goods
    I buy items from auctions, live or online. Recently, I bought 2 items from Bolton auction rooms. The first, was described as…
    15 February 2017
  • Laine
    Re: Consumer Law and Auction Goods
    I had paintings taken to auction on my behalf and was given estimated value 30 each was informed they sold for less than half I…
    11 January 2017
  • Michael
    Re: Auction House Commissions
    Do your homework on auction costs if you are a seller - I recently sold some ceramic antiques at one of the big two auction houses.…
    22 November 2016
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